Ibrahim Holdings (Pvt) Limited

Ibrahim Holdings (Pvt) Limited was incorporated on December 08, 2015 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 as a holding company to hold shares of various companies of the Ibrahim Group. Presently it holds approximately 90% shares of Allied Bank Limited (ABL), and more than 90% shares of Ibrahim Fibres Limited (IFL) and 100% shares of Ibrahim Agencies (Pvt) Limited (IAPL) and by virtue of this shareholding it works as a parent company of ABL, IFL and IAPL.

Board of Directors

The present Board of Directors of the Company comprises of:

  • Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmad
  • Mohammad Naeem Mukhtar
  • Muhammad Waseem Mukhtar

Shareholding Structure

Company is equally owned by three directors i.e. Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmad, Mohammad Naeem Mukhtar and Muhammad Waseem Mukhtar.

Financial Statement