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Ibrahim Fibres Limited – Power Generation Plants

Power Generation Plants of Ibrahim Fibres Limited consists of three plants; Power Generation Plant – I (Niigata Engines), Power Generation Plant – II (Gas Turbine) and Power Generation Plant – III (Coal Fired Power Plant). Total power generation capacity of these plants is 93.7 MW. These Plants are established with the primary objective of catering for the requirements of the company for uninterrupted and stable power supply.

Power Generation Plant – I

Power Generation Plant – I started its operations in January 1994. Power generating capacity of this Plant was 31.8 MW. The plant comprises of 6 furnace oil generating sets, each having a capacity to produce 5.3 MW, supplied by Niigata Engineering Company, Japan. Primarily these engines were based on heavy fuel oil but to remain competitive in the ever changing market the Company had already converted its operations to 60% heavy fuel oil and 40% natural gas.

With the expansion of polyester plant from 596 tons to 1,116 tons per day power requirement has been increased by approximately 10.4 MW which is now being fulfilled by installation of five new furnace oil generating sets supplied by Niigata Engineering Company, Japan. These Engines with total power generation capacity of 26.5 MW along with steam generation capacity of 11 tons per hour have started their generation from May 2013.

Power Generation Plant – II (Gas Turbine)

During 2007 the Company signed an agreement with Turbomach, Switzerland for the engineering supply and supervision of installation/commissioning of gas power generation plant, having a power generation capacity of 15 MW along with steam generation of 25 tons per hour as a by-product. Installation of the plant has been completed as per schedule and has successfully started its operations during 1st half of 2009. Total power and steam requirement of polyester plant 1 & 2 is fulfilled by this project. This has not only reduced the power generation cost but has also resulted in a saving of gas which was previously being consumed for steam generation.

Power Generation Plant – III (Coal Fired Power Plant)

During 2015, IFL signed an agreement with Christof Project GmbH, Austria for engineering, supply and supervision of installation / commissioning of coal fired power generation plant comprising of CFB Boiler having steam production capacity of 80 ton / hour and power generation capacity of 20.4 MW. This project started operations during 2018. Implementation of this project reduced reliance on expensive fuels and contributes significantly in business competitiveness by reducing the energy cost of the business. Steam requirement of polyester plants is also being fulfilled by Gas turbine and Coal power plant.


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