Management Philosophy

Value To Customer

Market leaders have always been those companies that provide the most perceived value to their customers. This is the most important part of Quality Assurance that most people do not take into consideration.

This particular aspect begins when our product, yarn or polyester, enters the premises of our customer. Our technical staff personally visits the customer to ensure smooth running of our product.

It also ensures that the customer is well satisfied by the performance of our product. Therefore, the Quality Journey does not end within the four walls of our mills. It goes beyond our physical boundaries and expectations of our customers!

High Technological Orientation

Usage of latest technology remains at the core of all the manufacturing processes. Global technological developments are closely observed and applied to upgrade the plants to stay ahead in quality and cost effectiveness.

Strict adherence to this philosophy is ensured at the time of setting up every new plant. Technological edge at all times is ensured through collaborations with most advanced companies around the globe.

Professionalism and Human Resource

At Ibrahim Group, strength is derived from a firm belief in the potential of each individual associated with the Company. Every department is managed by highly qualified team of professionals with vast experience in their respective fields.

Professional development courses and training programs are frequently undertaken to groom every member of the team. The standards prescribed by international institutions for the quality of management systems, working conditions, hygiene and environment at the workplace are strictly adhered to.

Quality Standards

Keeping up with the ever increasing awareness of quality and high Standards, the principle of continually improving the products and production techniques is followed.

A well-trained quality control department is responsible for ensuring that the quality of all the products of the Company meets the most stringent international standards. The people in this important activity are supported by complete and modern chemical and textile laboratories.

A further step to strengthen the manufacturing efficiency, process and products was achieved when the Company received ISO 9002 quality certification for its manufacturing process.

Community Care

Ibrahim Fibres Limited is committed to constantly strive for higher standards in health, safety and environment. The Company strictly follows the safety standards at all levels and training is provided under the supervision of qualified manager and various sessions are being held to create safety awareness. Environmental issues have raised concern all over the world due to the rapid industrialization and drastic increase in population.

In this regard, National Environmental Quality Standards as laid down by Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance 1997 are being strictly followed. The horticulture department, under the supervision of a qualified horticulturist, has been established and every year a plantation campaign is launched by the Company at all its locations to provide healthy and clean environment to all personnel.

Arrangements have been made to provide pure mineralized water, high standard foods and medical care for all the employees working at the plant sites. As part of the organizational culture of IFL, the Company fulfils its social responsibilities, apart from monetary contributions to educational institutions and hospitals the Directors of the Company are also directly participating in the management of educational institutions and hospitals.